Welcome Celtic Céilí – The Irish Show is a brand new vibrant exciting show direct from Ireland. Featuring over twenty of the top musicians, dancers and singers in Ireland, this 100% Live show is not to be missed. Described as “breathtaking, amazing, and incredibly dynamic”, Celtic Céilí The Irish Show will be coming to a city near you very soon! Check out our Tour page for regular updates.

Celtic Ceílí – The Irish Show is the definitive authentic experience of Irish music & dance. Derived from the word ‘cheile’ which means together or a gathering, the word ‘Ceílí’ (pronounced Kay-Lee) is used in Ireland to describe a social event where people gather and spend the night dancing in a pub to Irish Music. In the past these dances were held at crossroads and were the highlight on the social calendar in Ireland. Ceili’s are still extremely popular to this day in Ireland and around the world where the Irish culture has touched.

This completely live show will captivate and thrill the minds of an audience with the pure power and raw energy of the music whilst engrossing the eye with the beauty and dexterity of Irish Dance.


 Celtic Céilí - Over The Moor is now available in our Store Page.

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